Speaker Presentations - Forum 2015

Day 1, Thursday 16 April – ‘Creating the Vision’

Opening Ceremony

Session 1: Keynote address ‘The importance of the nursing role in service of food’

Session 2: ‘You can make a difference’

Session 3: ‘Overcoming the obstacles – Not just talking the talk’

Session 4: ‘Are you being served?’

Session 5: ‘Busting the myths about food and nutrition’

Day 2, Friday 17 April – ‘The Last 9 Yards’

Session 7: ‘Making it Happen’

Session 8: ‘The little things matter… Culture, quality and safety improvements’

Session 9: ‘Solutions in practice’

Session 10: ‘Procurement solutions – national or local?’

Session 11: ‘How can you get ‘a high’ from food?’